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    • Jay P. Zerwekh, Healthcare Consultant

      -Over the past several years, more than half our business has come from past clients. Nothing feels better than having a client call us again because it is such a tangible affirmation of our value.-

      Jay P. Zerwekh, Senior Director
    • BBooth Bio picture1

      -Healthcare must change and a good lean process empowers caregivers to create the kind of change that transforms the patient experience, reduces cost, and supports better outcomes.-

      William Booth, Jr., Senior Director
    • David G Bio photo

      -The informal networks within a hospital and healthcare systems comprise the actual way work gets done within the organization. Using our methodology of organizational network analysis (ONA), we have been able to explore those networks and find actionable interventions that make the organization run more efficiently, with more alignment and energy.-

      Dr. David Galloway, Senior Director
    • Gary Auton, Healthcare Consultant

      -Healthcare Systems need to understand how the informal network that exists among the leadership team impacts organizational performance. Insights into this network can be leveraged to drive transformation initiatives and culture change.-

      Gary Auton, Senior Director
    • Mitchell-Galloway-Healthcare-Consultant-2

      -There is simply too much improvement work to be done for healthcare leaders to do it all well, do it quickly, and keep up with the day to day business.  We must find a way to increase their capacity to get things done.-

      Mitchell Galloway, Executive Vice President
    • LAlbery Bio picture1

      -Creating and sustaining a healing yet highly efficient and productive environment is the burning platform for healthcare organizations today.-

      Linda R. Albery, EdD, RN, Senior Director
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