Our approach offers the following unique features:

Galloway Consulting - Our approach

Today’s healthcare executive must navigate a rapidly evolving landscape.  Amid the uncertainties and strategic ambiguities you face, however, one thing is clear: To thrive, you must stay ahead of the competition’s ability to deliver demonstrably better quality and cost.

A failed consulting project is one that ignores the reality of a client’s custom situation – their culture, their marketplace, their competitive positioning and portfolio of services.  Our seasoned team understands these factors; joining our team with yours, we make that the difficult a reality, achieving operational excellence, reducing unnecessary utilization and associated costs, and thoughtfully managing your portfolio of services.

Every project is unique but all are nearly assured to have the following common themes:

  • We are not agnostic, neutral facilitators – we have a point of view that we will share and explain that is built on dozens of years of experience with hundreds of organizations.  While we know your business our approach is sensitive to your culture and your people.  Ultimately the solutions have to be ones that will work in your organization and market.   They have to be your solutions.   
  • Our solutions are grounded in the reality of what works.   Using our high performance practice library, project methodologies and propriety implementation risk scorecard, we focus on solutions that can achieve quick wins and immediate return.  Likewise, we look at those areas with the highest risk of failure in implementation and design strategies to overcome those risks. 
  • Each team consists of seasoned, experienced consultants; we purposely do not hire the newly minted MBA.  This allows us to get to work fast, see the issues quickly, understand the unique vantage point of the C Suite and ultimately reduces the fees that you will pay.  Our consultants and processes are collaborative, so that when the engagement ends, your team can continue the work and achieve success. 
  • Each project is data driven and our consultants will perform a rigorous deep dive into the performance and strategic issues underlying your business.   We are experts at using a variety of benchmark solutions and are able to customize our approach to fit what your organization has historically used – or introduce new systems to you, if required.