Building a Culture for the Future at Palomar Health System

We are at a unique time in the provision of healthcare in America with changes taxing fundamental structures that have been built to meet client and community needs over the past fifty years.  Staff and physicians’ ability to respond to change in meaningful and timely ways to address their environment have markedly impacted health systems’ ability to operate in an effective manner.  The key to organizational success in the future will be based on how an entity is able to create and manage a focused, nimble, forward thinking and accountable culture.  For culture serves as the foundation to achieve the organization’s mission, vision and strategic goals.   As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Mr. Michael Covert is a proven and recognized national leader in the healthcare industry with extensive and progressive success generating organic and acquisitive growth of healthcare systems, turning around under performing businesses, developing forward-thinking enterprise strategy, and creating industry-leading efficiencies in hospital operations.  During his tenure as CEO, Palomar Health achieved its purpose in re-positioning its culture to compete in an extremely challenging health care environment within a 12 to 16-month period of time.  This case study outlines in detail how Michael lead the transformation.

Cultural Assessment and Employee Engagement at Palomar Health (179 downloads)