Governance & Leadership

  • Accelerating a Culture of “Servanthood”

    What is the one thing that would change the game at your hospital or system?   To answer that questions, thoughtful leaders often review the issues that keep them up at night, but many end up in a wistful hopefulness that they could promote a spirit of servanthood within their organization.  Read how to do it in this short paper from Dr. Galloway.

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  • Leadership in Transition

    Healthcare remains a transient business at the top with CEO turnover that is more than double the industry average and CEO tenure that typically is less than three and a half years.  What this means is that the clock is ticking from the moment the new CEO is announced.  Top executive transition is expensive – and there is lots at stake – CEO’s have a limited amount of time to show results before Boards become restless and an organization dynamic starts to change. The perceived 100 day honeymoon period is a notion for romantics.   For the new CEO, there are some clear and pointed action steps inside this short paper.

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  • The Staff Leader’s Surprising Impact

    Corporations have extraordinary infrastructure invested in their staff.  While the costs of these departments can be staggering, the pressure to be efficient is relentless.  Staff overhead is the first place consultants and new CEO’s look for reductions.  If you consider how much profit it takes to pay for a staff member, an incremental revenue analysis can be illuminating.  An organization with a healthy 40% contribution margin still has to generate an additional $200,000 in revenue to break even on an $80,000 salaried employee – not including benefits. Learn more and down load the entire paper.

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