Expert Healthcare Consultants

A Staff of Standouts

When you hire Galloway Consulting, you won’t get a flock of fledgling MBAs with no practical healthcare experience. You’ll get Brue Chandler, FACHE, who has held top administrative positions for over 30 years at distinguished hospitals in three states and consults with USAID on improving healthcare delivery in the Republic of Georgia. Or you get someone like Jay Zerwekh’s, whose career spans more than 30 years of operational involvement in medical group, health plan, and hospital settings, both with for-profit and nonprofit organizations.   Or our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Donald S. Bialek, who brings to our team an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge in clinical operations and medical informatics. Harvard trained, he adds the crucial physician’s perspective to our work in quality-of-care improvement and physician engagement gained during more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, including as a CEO of a  primary care physician group.  In short, you’ll get the most experienced, best qualified, best connected healthcare consultants in the business, on a team chosen specifically to address your organization’s unique needs.

  • Mitchell Galloway, Healthcare Consultant

    Mitchell Galloway


    Mitchell Galloway built his reputation by helping healthcare executives transform their organizations, often achieving landmark results on seemingly impossible timetables. Among the country’s foremost authorities on organizational strategy and performance improvement, he takes the lead role with our clients, rapidly diagnosing the challenges they face and prescribing innovative, timely, and effective responses.

  • Larry Seston

    Executive Vice President

    Larry Seston joined Galloway Consulting after more than 25 years of successful experience in consulting, training, marketing, product management, and sales management, all focused on the healthcare industry. Beginning his career at GE, Larry is one of the industry’s leading experts in performance improvement and has achieved landmark results across dozens of providers with his ability to rapidly diagnose problems and help lead implementation improvement teams.

  • Brian Woodbury, Healthcare Consultant

    Boe Young

    Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President

    In his remarkably varied and distinguished career, Boe Young served as chief of staff for the largest three-star command in the U.S. Army–with a staff of 1,300 and a budget of over $8 billion and managed one of the largest rebranding projects in retail history. Boe’s expertise includes performance improvement, governance, organization
    design, change management, and leadership effectiveness.

  • Jay P. Zerwekh, Healthcare Consultant

    Jay P. Zerwekh

    Executive Vice President

    Jay Zerwekh brings more than 30 years experience with a broad range of senior management and consulting positions. His experience working with physicians, medical groups and physician organizations has provided the foundation for his successful work with Health System and Hospital clients developing implementable, innovative and aligned tactics and strategies.

  • Donald Bialek, Healtcare Consultant

    Donald S. Bialek

    MD, MPH
    Chief Medical Officer

    As Galloway Consulting’s Chief Medical Officer, Donald S. Bialek brings to our team an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge in clinical operations, clinical management, and medical informatics. During more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, he has held a variety of strategic, operational, and consulting roles in community medical practices, academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, physician groups, health plans, and life science companies and has trained at Harvard and MIT.

  • Bruce Chandler, Expert Consultant

    Brue Chandler

    Senior Director

    Brue Chandler has 40 years of senior leadership experience in large, innovative referral hospitals and healthcare systems. As a Galloway Consulting senior director, he has advised USAID and AIHA Partners on the westernization of healthcare delivery in the Republic of Georgia. Prior to Galloway served as the President or Chief Executive of multiple hospital organizations and his expertise spans all areas of hospital leadership, operations and governance.

  • Patti McCue

    Sc.D., MSN, RN
    Chief Nursing Executive
    Galloway Affiliate

    Patti is an award-winning,multi-system Chief Nursing Officer credited with designing and introducing innovative professional development programs to take nursing departments to next level. Her expertise spans integrated healthcare systems, academic medical centers, the largest rural hospital in the country and non-profit community teaching hospitals and led two Magnet re-designations and initiated her organization’s efforts, culminating in receiving the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

  • Kathy Rafter

    MSN, RN
    Galloway Alumna
    Senior Nurse Executive

    Kathy joined Galloway with industry recognized accomplishments in both nursing and information/analytics. She is an accomplished, results oriented consultant with a passion and vision for Clinical Outcomes, Customer Service, Informatics, Meaningful Use, Education, and a commitment to Quality Management and Performance Improvement.

  • Christine Craft

    Senior Director
    Galloway Affiliate

    Christine Craft has led health care development projects for 30 years.  She has worked with stand-alone hospitals and multi-facility systems, defining options for regional growth, guiding leadership teams through the methods and finesse of building market strength, brand power, the choices of whether to partner, who to partner with, how to define the partnership structure and execute it.

  • Peter Brumleve

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Galloway Affiliate

    Peter Brumleve has been at the forefront of healthcare strategy, marketing, and innovation for over 30 years; leading the teams at some of the world’s largest healthcare brands including The Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Scott & White Healthcare, University Hospitals Health System, and Group Health.

  • William H. Booth, Jr.

    MSMS, Lean Sensi
    Senior Director

    Bill Booth is an authority on the Toyota Production System, the philosophy and practice of lean manufacturing that revolutionized the auto industry. Applying the insights of a certified lean sensei to the healthcare field, he promotes the values of teamwork, transparency, and functional integration to eliminate waste and redundancy.

  • Gary Auton, Healthcare Consultant

    Gary M. Auton

    Senior Director

    Gary Auton has over 25 years of experience in providing strategic and operational advisory services to hospitals, health plans, physician practices, employer health coalitions, and state and federal agencies. He is the recent author of “18 Levers for High Impact Performance Improvement”, published by the Healthcare Administration Press, which outlines the Galloway methodology for performance improvement and equips healthcare leaders with the strategies they need to lead their organizations through an uncertain and complex environment.

  • Pamela Cipriano, Healthcare Consultant

    Pamela Cipriano

    PhD, RN
    Past President, American Nurses Association
    Galloway Alumna

    Pamela Cipriano, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, a Senior Director at Galloway, is a distinguished nursing and hospital administrator with extensive experience leading all hospital inpatient and outpatient departments and clinics at academic medical centers.

  • Robert K. Crone

    Galloway Affiliate

    Robert K. Crone is an internationally recognized physician executive with more than 25 years of experience leading successful international ventures for hospitals, medical schools, private industry, and the non-profit health and education regulatory and accreditation community.

  • Raymond A. Snead, Jr.

    Chief Financial Executive
    Galloway Affiliate

    Raymond A. Snead has served as the CFO of multiple hospitals and has experience in religious, community freestanding, and tertiary regional referral center facilities with teaching programs. Dr. Snead has also participated in developing and operating companies focused on healthcare-related services, including the revenue cycle, capital finance, mobile CT, mobile MRI, and mobile lithotripsy

  • David Galloway

    Galloway Affiliate

    David Galloway's career has exposed him to an unusually broad range of experiences in organizational development. Trained as a psychotherapist, and for 25 years a parish priest, he later expanded his focus on personal and family transformation to include organizations and civic groups.

  • Robert H. Miles

    Galloway Affiliate

    Robert Miles has coached the executives of numerous multinationals, helping them take charge of their companies to launch or re-energize major strategic initiatives. Recognized for his expertise in corporate transformation, executive leadership, and organizational effectiveness–subjects on which he has published widely–he is adept at both planning for change and generating the enterprise-wide engagement necessary to achieve quantum improvement.

  • Paul Macek

    Senior Director
    Galloway Affiliate

    Throughout his career Paul has been recognized as a community leader and for establishing high trust relationships with hospital boards, community leaders, physicians, executive teams, employees to implement transformational changes in complex markets to achieve a shared vision for the future. A former hospital CEO and President with some of the leading providers in the nation, Paul brings expertise in hospital operations, board governance and overall strategy.

  • Jill Franklin

    Senior Director
    Galloway Alumna

    Jill joined Galloway with an accomplished track record as a leader and consultant driving substantial savings and operational improvement results. Her work spans numerous departments and hospital systems, bringing extraordinary insight into each project.

  • William Barnes

    Senior Director
    Galloway Affiliate

    Galloway Consulting's relationship with Bill Barnes began when, as head of private equity for the Swiss banking group Julius Baer, he managed the acquisition of what was then the largest private hospital chain in Turkey.

  • Judith Miller, Healthcare consultant

    Judith Miller

    RN, FAAN
    Galloway Affiliate

    Judith Miller brings extensive experience in healthcare management, nursing leadership, and performance assessment. Prior to joining Galloway Consulting, she served as senior vice president for patient care services at a major northeastern academic medical center, where she instituted a program of interdisciplinary teams to create a healthy work environment and improve patient outcomes and also served as the President of the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

  • Adrienne Dickerson

    Galloway Affiliate

    Adrienne Dickerson's areas of expertise in hospital operations include patient throughput, managed care contracting, the revenue cycle, technology implementation, decision support, and facility-wide process improvement.

  • Michael Covert

    Galloway Affiliate

    Mr. Michael Covert is a proven and recognized national leader in the healthcare industry with extensive and progressive success generating organic and acquisitive growth of healthcare systems, turning around under performing businesses, developing forward-thinking enterprise strategy, and creating industry-leading efficiencies in hospital operations.  As CEO of four major healthcare organizations, Michael has built an impressive record of identifying the future needs of an organization and securing internal and external resources to invest in them, leading the strategic planning to drive growth through M&A, alliances and new revenue generating services.   A Galloway Affiliate, he has a Master of Health Administration and a Bachelor of Business, both from Washington University in St. Louis.

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