In an era of unprecedented change, Galloway Consulting helps hospital groups, physicians, and payer/providers improve their operations, outcomes, and profits. Our clients range from 100-bed community hospitals to $10 billion integrated healthcare delivery systems. Whether your challenge requires a course correction or a systemic transformation, our only job is to help you succeed.

  • We’re the Best in the Business: Your Business

    Our staff consists of healthcare industry leaders, whose broad range of talents and qualifications allows us to fine-tune our advisory input to fit your organization’s needs. Based on our initial evaluation, we assign senior staff members with the expertise–clinical, administrative, and financial–to meet your unique challenges. This team becomes part of your staff, catalyzing change in a fast-paced, target-driven process.

We Start Fast and Dive Deep

Our rapid-deployment approach AHT – Accelerated Healthcare TransformationTM and depth of expertise enable us to meet your organization’s short-run imperatives while effecting the structural and cultural changes that are the foundation of sustainable success.

We Deliver Measurable Results

  • Enhanced operational and financial outcomes – we typically we add 5 points to your operating margin and a return on investment of at least 10x our consulting fees.   If we can’t achieve this, we won’t take the assignment.
  • Growth in volume and revenue – it can’t all be about cutting costs – we help you visualize the future and determine those service lines that maximize your market presence and core competencies.
  • Improved safety and quality of care –our Clinical Utilization and Quality Improvement work provides a systematic approach to increasing utilization, improving clinical quality, and decreasing cost per case.
  • The power to predict and optimize future performance – In the past ten years, we have helped over 65 clients achieve rapid turnarounds in financial performance.