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Organizational TransformationGrowth & Strategic PositioningFinancial TurnaroundAnalyzing and Managing Corporate OverheadClinical Utilization & Quality OptimizationPhysician AlignmentMedicare RebasingCEO Transition SuccessExecutive ExtendersHealthcare Lean AnalyticsTalent Development and CoachingOrganization Design and GovernanceADAMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Program ManagementADAMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Facility ConsultingADAMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Transition Planning

Organizational Transformation

This innovative solution recognizes that regardless of the political environment and the philosophy of governing party in power, the pressures of the healthcare environment will continue to challenge traditional hospital and provider business models.

To position themselves for success, healthcare organizations must act quickly to build structures that can, at a minimum, break even at current Medicare rates. 

AHT – Accelerated Healthcare Transformation is the methodology with which Galloway Consulting designs patient-centered systems that deliver high-quality care and an excellent experience at significantly lower cost.

AHT is proprietary to Galloway and was originally designed by Dr. Robert Miles to lead large scale corporate transformations at industry’s as diverse as manufacturing, retail, technology and professional services.  Dr. Miles and the Galloway team have customized the methodology for health care and it has been used over the past 10 years with terrific results across dozens of health care organizations.   AHT is both top down and bottom up, focusing on creating alignment across the organization and speed in implementation.  And while we design your new organizational model and the structures to support it, we also create a glide path that eases your transition.

Growth & Strategic Positioning

Healthcare Growth

In today’s climate of declining patient volume, growth is more than ever a key imperative for healthcare organizations.

The Galloway Growth Product combines short term tactical solutions along with long term strategic positioning. This is not just about “being nice to doctors in the referral stream”, instead it is a comprehensive, data driven approach encompassing everything from physician segmentation to portfolio analysis to strategic acquisitions. Our solution consists of a combination of both short term and long term growth objectives. There must be interventions designed to bolster the organization with enough short term growth to allow it the time necessary to build the longer term growth strategy.  We know how to do this.

We would be pleased to talk with you about conducting an assessment of your short and long term growth capabilities. 

Financial Turnaround

Cost of Healthcare

How many consultants can guarantee success? 

In the past eight years, we have helped over 50 clients achieve rapid turnarounds in financial performance.  Every time.   

Galloway’s combines a proven methodology for financial turnaround with seasoned executives who have done it in real life.  Our methodology includes collaborative teams – our consultants working with your executives and managers – to seek out those opportunities that exist in your cost structure.   We then look at each item and provide an assessment of the likelihood of that opportunity being successfully implemented; finally we design a strategy to overcome the risk of implementation failure and an action plan to ensure success.

The result has been an average increase of five points in bottom-line profitability.   In most cases, clients generated 10 to 20 times their investment within the first year. Typical sustained improvement averages 30 times their investment.

Analyzing and Managing Corporate Overhead

Building Organizations

Consolidation has created large systems and pooled corporate services that should drive value and reduce cost throughout the system.   Many health systems have not achieved the economies of scale from combined corporate offices.  Further, corporate offices are often better at managing hospitals/operating units than they are at managing themselves.  Regional offices are often created but frequently wind up duplicating what exist at either the local of corporate level, with little value add and a confusing set of accountabilities.  

What is the right level, structure and focus areas for driving the efficiencies in operating units yet maintaining and effectual corporate structure?  What is the appropriate level of decision rights at each level?   What governance structures are in place to achieve that efficiency and manage the decision rights?

We find these issues are frequently poorly addressed.  The lack of clarity creates a lot of extra work, slows down decision making and cycle time, and wastes energy that could be applied to more productive and strategically important topics.  Typical span of span of control thinking addresses the size of the management team, but usually does not address the effectiveness of decision making that is affected by these muddled decision rights.  And in organizations that implement dyad and other matrixed organization structures the problem can be pronounced.

Galloway’s process for addressing these issues includes structural analysis as well as the governance structures to manage the decision rights and achieve the desired efficiencies?


Clinical Utilization & Quality Optimization

Clinical Utilization and QualityThe advent of population health and accountable care models are requiring hospitals to dramatically improve acute care cost performance.  While many healthcare organizations team with medical staffs and clinicians to identify and pursue clinical utilization improvement opportunities, these initiatives frequently fall short of producing tangible results. 

Powered by iVantage Health Analytics® or your own benchmarking solution, our Clinical Utilization and Quality Improvement services provide a streamlined, data-driven approach to clinical utilization and quality optimization.   Our process engages clinicians and provides focus on the key variables that yields the greatest benefit for the organization and the patients served. 

Galloway facilitates multi-disciplinary collaborative teams to quickly evaluate hypotheses, identify solutions and develop implementation strategies.  Clinical collaborative teams include physicians and representatives from nursing, pharmacy, imaging, laboratory, rehab services, surgery, and case management.  Employing Lean Kaizan design principals, we work with team members to move quickly through the design process.  Most teams are completed in as few as three, two-hour meetings.  At the conclusion, the teams develop specific recommendations that focus on:

  • Reducing the cost per case
  • Accelerate throughput and lower Length-of-Stay
  • Reducing the cost and incidence of off -quality events
  • Improve clinical outcomes and patient experience

We help teams quantify opportunities in terms of the expected annual savings and risk-rate each based on the level of difficulty anticipated during implementation. Following approval from system leadership, we work with physicians and clinical leaders to implement and operationalize these changes. 

Physician Alignment

Physician Alignment is the degree to which physicians, both owned and independents, are organizationally aligned and act consistently with an organization’s key tactical and strategic objectives. Physician alignment normally requires a fundamental cultural change that must have commitment at all levels in the organization.

Many different types of organizations need to strengthen alignment with physicians; Health Systems, hospitals, ACOs, population health companies and organizations that share risk for medical utilization.

Galloway Consulting has a deep understanding of physician/organization relationships and uses this insight to assess, improve and maximize alignment.  Our goal is to move alignment from a typical intuition based relationship alignment to the highest level of alignment that is driven by fact based data and integration.

Our architecture, process, and tools have proven to move an organization to a highly integrated relationship with physicians resulting in consistent growth and cost management.   We understand the tenants of a highlight aligned system and have a method for assessing the “best” physicians across four dimensions – quality, throughput, growth and cost management.

We would be happy to talk to you about your specific questions or your particular organizational need.

Medicare Rebasing

Medicare Rebasing

All industry’s change – but few change with the pace and intensity of healthcare.

Moving forward, reputation and access will no longer guarantee a strong book of business (except for geographic monopolies).  Providers that have been surviving based on their location and / or an undeserved reputation will lose business as payers direct patients to higher value locations.  Ongoing quality and cost performance enable larger and faster swings in market share.  Providers will need to work hard to stay ahead of the competition’s ability to deliver demonstrably better quality and cost.  Managers and boards will need to pay closer attention to a provider’s competitive positioning. 

To win business, providers must deliver true value:  Demonstrably higher quality at significantly lower cost.  Quality will move from a minimum standard (e.g., Do No Harm) to a true source of competitive advantage (e.g., Best Possible Outcome) that will win business and enable lower costs. 

New “unthinkable” cost structures will be required to compete:  Make margin on Medicare rates?  Medicare minus 5%?  Medicare minus 10%.  That used to be crazy talk.  But now providers will need to move beyond improving execution in areas like productivity, supply chain, and revenue cycle.  They will need to eliminate needless variation, address structural costs, and focus their portfolios in order to deliver the high quality that will be required at market-leading prices.  A new reality will require that we address changes in strategic and structural ways – not merely through improved execution. 

Galloway’s combines a proven methodology for rebasing your organization’s fundamental cost structure with seasoned executives who have done it in real life.  Our approach to developing momentum – collaborative teams – is our secret sauce for turning the concepts into a movement that engages large numbers of people.  We follow up collaborative teams with a small number of senior level “boots on the ground” to ensure that the momentum isn’t lost. 

What will your new reality look like?

 CEO Transition Success

New CEO Transition

Each year, about one-fifth of the CEOs in American hospitals resign and by most accounts, the majority of this turnover is involuntary.  CEO turnover in healthcare is more pronounced than in other industries;   the Conference Board reports that average corporate CEO tenure is 8.1 years while many recent studies including Becker’s has put healthcare CEO tenure at less than half of that, or 3.5 years. 

In some organizations, consistent CEO turnover seems to be part of the fabric of the institution.  An ACHE study reports that 57% of hospitals have had more than two or more CEOs in the past five years; amazingly 25% have had three or more.  

These statistics tell us three things.  First and perhaps obvious, that getting a CEO transition right – picking the right person and having that person achieve notable and meaningful success, is critical to an organization.  Second, the ripple effects of a poor selection will be profound.  And third and not so well understood, CEOs have a limited amount of time to show results before Boards become restless and an organization dynamic starts to change.  Even with the implied mandate a new CEO has, achieving change is difficult.  

Our proven process drives progress and tackles the main challenges you will need to overcome.  It allows CEO’s to get traction immediately with their new team, onboarding themselves and their vision at the same time.  And creates an organizational sense of urgency that drives meaningful transformation deep.

Executive Extenders

Executive Extenders

Sometimes do you wish you had 48 hours in a day?  Or maybe two of you to go around?  How about an extra COO to drive change and initiatives?  The pace of healthcare, the changes impacting your organization and the need to drive cost initiatives or other strategic initiatives never stops. 

Our Executive Extenders allow you expand your organizational bandwidth – to address crucial short and medium-term issues without diverting energy and resources from ongoing strategic objectives. They provide experience, efficiency, and skilled leadership, all tuned to your particular strategic initiatives and within a specified time frame.   Minimal time to get up to speed and achieve fast results.  Hands on.  Implementation experts who can instantly grasp the strategic aspects of your business and market conditions.

With this flexible assistance, your organization can tackle time-sensitive projects while executives, senior managers, and staff members maintain their focus on stakeholders’ goals and long-term strategic imperatives.

Healthcare Lean Analytics

Healthcare Lean Analytics

Today a great many health systems have demonstrated the value of Lean as they have applied Lean tools and techniques to some of the most vexing problems of patient flow, deployment of resources, clinical utilization, and quality of care. 

Transformational Adoption® – Galloway’s methodology that combines lean principles and deep data analytics – occurs when your organization embraces new work processes, technology, and behaviors within the framework of the lean performance model.  We facilitate this proven method, deploying best-practices and leveraging shared knowledge across 10 success factors to hardwire transformational improvement.

With the maturity of Lean thinking in healthcare, a new set of tools is emerging.  Those who would be Lean leaders in today’s healthcare will want to understand how to add them to their Lean toolboxes and deploy them in their improvement strategies.

We would be happy to talk to you and/or your internal lean/transformation teams about your specific questions or your particular organizational need.

Talent Development and Coaching 

Executive Coaching and Team Building

In our view, sustainability of any transformational change begins and ends at the top of healthcare organizations. 

We employ a variety of techniques to assist organization leaders at understanding themselves and their organizations better to make the change sustainable and long lasting.

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a survey-based tool that uncovers the natural communications networks across organizations and how efficient (or not) those networks work in running your business. Organizational network analysis can provide an x-ray into the inner workings of an organization — often serving as a powerful means of making invisible patterns of information flow and collaboration in strategically important groups visible.   It will identify information brokers and bottlenecks and can be an important tool for designing implementation strategy and coaching strategies for executives.

Our leadership and team building product provides analysis of your leadership team’s strength and gaps. One of our tools, the Leadership Wheel, is used for a real-world look to explore the leadership competencies across the organization.   There is a natural tension between the polarity of “vision” and “reality” on one axis and the polarity of “taking care of business” and “taking care of people” on the other axis.  Organizations often find themselves favoring one end of the continuum over the other which can lead to conflict between the different “camps” that exist in any organization.  The most effective organizations find a balance between the two, keep the “sweet spot” in mind, making mid-course corrections in terms of how they operate. Taking care of business seems to be an obvious goal of any organization, even a non-profit, as we seek to maximize the effectiveness of our common work. But taking care of people is often pushed aside, especially when under productivity pressures. We ignore the “people” side of the equation at our own peril, and yet our experience has allowed us to see that occur with regularity.

Galloway consultants have a variety of backgrounds – combined with these tools and methods – we are capable of providing one on one coaching of executives at any level, as well as broader team based events designed to link to specific opera tonal initiatives. 

Organization Design and Governance

Organization Design and Strategy ImplementationMost organizations are perfectly designed …… to achieve their previous strategy.

This common misfit shows up in dissonance between current elements structure, systems, skills, character, human capital and competencies and what is required for the new strategy.

Organization design is more than just the boxes on the chart.   Galloway’s method for assessing organization design combines our Accelerated Healthcare Transformation methodology with a broad view of organization design that considers the interaction of all core elements:   culture, structure, organization infrastructure, strategy, people, competencies and vision.  We understand that impacting one of these factors potentially has a corresponding impact on others.  And that each much be harmonized in order for proper organization design to take hold.

Organization design and strategy implementation are linked – as any organization changes that impact core elements will have a corresponding change on strategic initiatives – which ones are prioritized and resourced and who is accountable for achieving them.    Governance plays a critical role as well as organization design changes impact decision rights – or stated in a simple way, who gets to decide what.      

The Galloway method and AHT lead organizations through a multi-step process for addressing the core issues, decision rights clarity and governance forum changes – all designed to ensure accountability is clear and strategy is fully supported.

ADAMS Management Services – Program Management

This service is provided by ADAMS Management Services Corporation.

Once you have identified your program, We will help you manage the design, construction and occupancy of your facility. We have a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, construction management, value engineering and healthcare administration. Our team specializes in the following areas to meet your project management needs:

  • Project Initiation and Organization
  • Process Development, Management and Optimization
  • Team Procurement
  • Contract Development and Negotiation
  • Real Estate Support
  • Master Program Budget Development and Control
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Planning
  • Master Program Schedule Development and Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Documentation
  • Executive Reporting
  • Alignment of Project Scope and Budget
  • Transition and Occupancy Planning Oversight
  • Project Closeout Management
  • Program Assessment and Benchmarking
  • LEAN Construction Delivery Process

ADAMS Management Services – Facility Consulting

This service is provided by ADAMS Management Services Corporation.

The most effective approach to the management of a complex program is often a primary concern of our clients.

ADAMS will guide you through the process of evaluating the various program management options available to you or help you develop program management protocol for existing in-house program management operations.

We will work with you to develop the following:

  • Baseline Assessments of Existing Process and Protocol
  • Assessment and Development of Internal Departmental Organization
  • Internal Capacity Analysis
  • Evaluation of Program Management Options
  • Facility Condition Analysis on new or existing facilities
  • Demographic Studies

ADAMS Management Services – Transition Planning

This service is provided by ADAMS Management Services Corporation.

Transition planning is defined as the operational and physical relocation of the existing hospital to a new physical plant. Transition encompasses the relocation of hospital processes and services, staff, material goods and patients in a manner that is expeditious and minimizes interference with current daily operations. ADAMS will provide comprehensive consultation and planning tools to facilitate the transition process to minimize hospital and relocation expenses.

Whatever challenges you face, Galloway Consulting connects you with the people, knowledge, and tools to transform your organization for sustainable success.

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