Testimonial - Healthcare Consulting

Galloway has served hundreds of organizations in our existence and is proud of our work and our stable of national and international clients and projects.


“As we pull together our budget and prepare for the board presentation/review next week… I just wanted to pause and thank each one of you and the Galloway team for your leadership, counsel, coaching… and increased cash to our bottom-line. Your professional and collegial service is very much appreciated by me and our executive leadership team.”

“I think the strengths of your team relate to the collegial, flexible approach that creates the right environment for learning.  This reinforces the engagement of staff that is part of your design.  Most importantly it is an empowering process because much of the learning is generated in the work that the team is doing and it is woven into the solutions.   Of course the expertise and “wisdom” of your team is critical.  Just as important are their leadership and communication styles.  Your team is so complementary to each other in your skill sets.”

“A couple of things you need to know about Mitch;   He gets in there and assesses it.  If he can’t help you, he’ll let you know. He and his team come in and culturally make it work.   They come in and set the objectives, so you collectively understand what they are.  When they are done, they go on to the next one and leave you the tools to be successful.”

“They listened, they guided us, pushed us when necessary and counseled us along the way.  And ultimately we designed a plan that was respectful of our organization and our culture and one that will work and help us get where we need to be.  That’s the mark of a successful consulting engagement”

“A note to thank the Galloway team for its leadership and service to our health system. Over the past year together we have improved performance across growth, portfolio services, patient care, revenue management, productivity, supply chain management and operations improvement.

Our work together has contributed directly to my organization’s ability to manage current robust patient service demand through benchmark level lean operational systems. October’s Operating Margin of 9.5% and a Year-to-Date (4 month) Operating Margin of 6.3% are a measured result of our success together.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I simply wanted to offer a note of thanks for your great service.”

“The executive coaching you provided to our Executive Committee brought a lot of the issues to the table and has really helped move us forward in how we are communicating with each other, building consensus on top priorities and rallying around a systemic process for developing our operating model.”

Case Studies


1100 bed urban, unionized academic medical center with 3 hospitals, over 20 ambulatory sites, and insurance company

Our firm worked with the client to design and implement a series of improvement over several years that moved them from a traditional, functional AMC organization to an Accountable Care Organization. After an initial rapid, system-wide assessment, the initial project focused on delivering $12M of improvement in 30 days followed by another $40M of improvement in the next six months.  The rapid start established a culture of urgency and accountability that became the foundation for much of the future success.

The following project focused on realigning the organization around growth, service, and margin goals using the Balanced Scorecard.  The result was a nimble organization that still produces consistent growth in volume and margin after 10 years, resulting in market-leading financial outcomes in spite of an adverse payor mix.  They have used this foundation to dominate their market to the point that they can effectively serve as an Accountable Care Organization and manage the health of their community.

The client credits the collaboration between their organization and Galloway with helping them consistently improve their bottom line while improving quality and service in the face of an increasingly difficult reimbursement environment. Galloway accomplished this by working in conjunction with the client’s senior management team to complete a fundamental redesign of their organizational structure and establishing balanced performance measures. The results of the project have been turned into a Harvard Business School case study and members of the senior team are often featured speakers at Kaplan and Norton “Balanced Scorecard” presentations.



Our firm worked with the client to implement a performance improvement project that identified margin improvements that resulted in a 9 point increase in margin. The turnaround allowed the client to meet its budgeted operating income commitments for the fiscal year and avoid funding shortfalls for their ongoing capital improvement projects. The teams created for this project continue to meet and regularly identify and implement additional operational improvements. This project took eight months, but was interrupted by the implementation of a new hospital-wide information system. Galloway adapted the project to fit with the two phases of information services implementation and successfully coached staff through the difficulties of implementing an information system while re-engineering improvements.



Our firm worked with the System CEO and COO to redesign the organization structure of the health system in order to better enable the execution of its existing strategy and improve accountability.  Over a several month period, the team worked to create a new structure that clearly defined the accountability for growth and operations, better focus acute care sites on quality and cost, increase the importance of service lines, and dramatically increase physician leadership throughout.   In addition, operational governance improvements were made to clearly articulate decision rights, which served to improve accountability and focus executives throughout the System.



Our firm worked with a new CEO to take charge of a struggling healthcare system to position it as a meaningful player in its market.  After a rapid, system-wide assessment, the initial project focused on identifying and implementing $40M in short term improvements.  As the economy worsened, the short term work was expanded to deliver $70M and eventually over $100M of improvement, including support of the sale of two money-losing hospitals and the associated reduction of system overhead.  With the financial situation stabilized, the efforts then focused on driving increased market share through both tactical and strategic growth interventions while maintaining and expanding upon the cost improvements.  The client moved their margin from ($99M) to $4M over 2 1/2 years.  In addition to our rapid improvement process and ACT methodology, we deployed a “CEO extender” that worked side by side with the senior team throughout the project, effectively doubling the CEO’s capacity to drive the necessary change.

Selected Galloway Case Examples
From Outside The United States



Our staff worked with this urban hospital to evaluate staffing requirements for major clinical, ancillary, and support departments. This work was required to counter the impact of declining market share and collections that occurred in the private-pay market.  Staffing practices were evaluated using man hours-per-work unit ratios and comparing these levels to U.S. benchmark standards. Staffing ratios were compared to the 50th and 75th percentiles to identify and quantify staff reduction opportunities. In total, over 200 paid FTEs were identified as potential reductions.  Our staff worked with the Hospital CEO to prioritize reduction targets and to develop implementation plans for the reductions.  Ultimately, the client reduced 150 FTEs resulting in a substantial savings and improvement in the organization’s operating margin.

Eastern European Healthcare System – University-Based

Healthcare System

Our firm worked with the leadership of the system to restructure the management and leadership functions, participate in the interview of new leadership candidates, develop a presentation to improve reimbursement from the Minister of Health, and evaluate and direct improvement in the flow and function of new ambulatory clinic. In addition, we completed preliminary work on the first self-governed medical staff structure. Finally, we performed a design review of physical plant and additional renovation plans for the clinic built with a multi-million dollar gift and negotiated with the contractor for renovation plans of the existing hospital.

New Zealand Healthcare System – 400-Bed National Teaching

Hospital and 200-Bed Community Hospital

Our staff worked with the client to design new processes and systems as part of a major IT installation. The 10-month engagement focused on intensive redesign work in radiology, pharmacy and other key ancillary services with the goals of improving cost and quality performance in an environment of restricted resources and investment. Specific improvement strategies included role redesign, flexible staffing, demand management, service rationalization, and other initiatives. After implementation, the client achieved improved throughput of patients, reduced utilization of pharmaceutical and other supplies, higher utilization of staffing and equipment, and lower total labor expense.

Saudi Arabian Military Medical City – CAP Accreditation Assessment

Our firm worked with our local partners to provide a comprehensive assessment of the technical gaps that exist in a full laboratory operation that sought to achieve CAP accreditation.  The program provided a detailed report with action steps and was accomplished with an on-site team and inspection, combined with US based technical support.